Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mini Vacation

I guess it’s time to update the blog as it has been quite some time since the last one.  I have been doing fairly well with the new prostheses but still am not able to walk on it all day. Things are looking up though. Been dancing on the weekends and in general having a ball.

The latest news is that I have a new girlfriend. Her name is Wanda. We have been together for a couple of months now and some how she manages to put up with me so far.


Monday September 13th 2010

Wanda and I decided that we needed a break from all the doing’s at the VFW. We will be going to the VFW District meeting in Williams burg next week so it’s time to get the hell outta dodge for a couple of days.

Left Deming around 9:15 AM heading North on Hwy 180. First stop was Bill Evans Lake just above Gila. On arrival there were a bunch of firefighters there with their trucks. One was parked on the boat ramp and was testing the trucks water pumps.


A geocache popped up on the GPS so we headed for it. It happened to be down over the back. Wanda had sandals on so I started down. First try at this so things went kinda slow but made it to the cache. Oops no pen. Wanda threw a pen to me but it only made it about half way so back up the bank I went, retrieved the pen and got back to the cache.       It was a might easier getting back up the hill than down. Got back to the car and had to rest and patch wounds from cactus and tree.

We then hit the road again and had planned to spend the night in Glenwood but when we got there the 3 restaurants that were there were closed and we needed to eat. Again we hit the road and headed for Reserve. Picked up 3 more geocahes on the way and stopped in Alma and had a wonderful lunch. Service was very slow but the food was excellent. Got into Reserve sometime in the late afternoon, checked into a motel then headed for Aragon to get a cache. On the way we made a turn onto a forest service road to find another cache that was 10 miles in. The road was a typical forest service road that was graveled. the going was slow but a very beautiful drive, too bad we were unable to get to the cache once in the area. 






Too rough for the car to make it the rest of the way. We again got back on track and heading for Aragon. It was 20 miles to the cache and when we got there we could not find it so turned around and headed back to the motel. Got in around 8:30 PM.

We found this in Reserve.


A sign we also saw in Reseve but did not get a  picture of was.

Didn’t miss Taxidermy” You gotta love it.


After spending a dinner less night (Nothing was open) We had a really good Green Chili and Cheese omelet at the restaurant across the street from where we stayed. We then headed for Snow lake which is about 50 miles across the mountain on gravel roads.

P9130327 P9130326

After stopping at the lake and looking around we headed for Mogollon an old mining town. It was around 2:00 PM when we got there. Here are a couple of pictures..


P9140336 P9140330 P9140331 P9140333 P9140335


We arrived back in Glenwood around 3:00 and there were no restaurants open so we headed to Alma to eat there. Nope not today they close at 3:00 PM. Bought a tube of crackers, a chunk of cheese and a Dr Pepper  $8.00 plus change………………………..That was dinner.  There are 2 motels in Glenwood. One is cabins the other is where we stayed. First key the lady gave up opened a room that had not been cleaned yet. The second had 3 beds all of different sizes. This is a real classy place, but it’s only for the night thank god.

After a night of not so much sleep we were up early, had a nice light breakfast and headed for the  Cat Walk Glenwood New Mexico We arrived at the parking lot and not another vehicle in site. Gathered out goodies filed out and paid our parking sticker and were on the trail.


Not really sure if we could make it or not here we go.








Total trip 1.1 miles each way and we both survived! Now for some well deserved rest. 

Red heart  

Til next time, BYE! Crying

Monday, March 15, 2010

Senior Citizen Cache Trip.

Sunday March 14th

Yes, that’s right, a senior citizen caching trip. The crew Ceejay535,  Garyjune and myself headed out to finish the series of caches that were were working  on a couple of weeks ago.

Our Senior Cachmobile. Now how cool is this?


Here are some of the cache containers that we found.

This one is a duck head first in the sand. Remember these are all metal welded together.






We finished the series and really had a blast doing them. Geocaching gets more fun every day.

See ya all next time. Have fun and stay young. I 'am going to.

Looking a lot like spring here

Saturday March 13th

Another ATV outing was held. I again got to lead the group .This trip was to the top of the Florida Mountains. We all met at an intersection part way down Hwy 11 called Sunshine. From there we headed South to County Rd 016 (Cameno Doese (Spelled wrong but 12 in Spanish)) No it does not make sense.  There were only 4 of us but what the hell, we had a good time. I had been up there a couple of years ago but the so called road had washed out after that. The trip up was slow and sometimes quite hair raising.

The first picture is of the rock building at the bottom of the hill. That’s part of the Florida’s in the background. They are pretty awesome rocks.



We had left the vehicles about a half mile back and rode up to here just so we would have more ride time. After all it’s been awhile since our last ride.

This is one of the mines that we passed on the way up.


I think that this is one of the local miners……………



One of the switch backs on the way. Note the background in this. It’s a long ways down there.


This almost up at the top and is a hunters cabin which is sporting a new roof this year. A great place for us to have lunch, which we did.


Is this a view or what?



After a nice leisurely lunch and a bit of rest we headed the rest of the way up. Damn! it’s windy up here. We had a slight breeze all the way up but it was warm and felt good. Up here the wind was ripping pretty good and we were forced to put the long sleeve shirts back on. How ever it was very nice. We also passed this mine on the final leg up.


Oh Yeah, here is a Century Tree also.


We had an uneventful trip back down. Here is a link to Stu’s blog which has a few more pictures of the trip.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Geocaching 2010

A day of Geocaching.

Attention Sharon, Yes you  you know who you are.

Tuesday the 2nd at 6:15 as planned June and Gary (AKA Garyjune) showed up at my door step. We promptly loaded out cacheing gear, lunch, walking sticks, etc into my van. Then proceeded to meet Jake and Cindy (AKA Ceejay535) and hit the road. Our route to the first Geocache was around 90 miles away. We settled in and began the usual BS about everything from fixing the world to more reasonable things like caching. Finally coming to the dirt road that led to our first cache we turned off and shortly found our first cache of the day. The cache container was very unique. Take a look. When you lift the turret the whole deck opens up.


Yes, that is the cache container.

I will not be mentioning any names of these caches as they could be “Spoiler Pictures”.

We then headed on down the dirt roads and trails in search of other caches. We had specific caches in mind.

Here is a group picture of another cache.


The container is all welded metal and looks very realistic, including guy wires. actual cache was inside.


Another one







What a day. The entire crew had a blast.


We ended up getting 19 Caches for the day and got back into Deming at 6:00 PM,  Then went out and had a Mexican dinner to finish the day. We  were totally pooped.




Went to the Doctor today complaining again about the soreness of the stitches left in my leg. He gave me a local anesthetic and dug them out, Wow, what a difference that made. I was able to put full weight on the leg that day. Things are looking up.